ESG Commit

At DSN, we are committed to promoting sustainable and ethical practices that benefit the community, the environment, and sustainable corporate governance. We firmly believe that sustainability is not only crucial for the preservation of the planet but also fundamental for creating long-term value for our stakeholders.

Together with our members, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by implementing clean technologies and adopting energy-efficient practices. Additionally, we promote social equity by supporting local communities with development and education programs, ensuring that our labor practices respect human rights, and fostering diversity and inclusion.

In terms of corporate governance, we endeavor to maintain the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and accountability among all our members. We implement rigorous compliance policies and promote a culture of business ethics at all levels of our organizations. By integrating these principles into our strategy and daily operations, DSN aspires for all our members to be leaders in sustainability and role models for other companies.

Through our KSB®, we aspire to achieve the following ESG objectives:


Carbon Footprint Reduction – We drive initiatives that minimize our environmental impact, including efficient resource management and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Our KSB® share the latest research and technologies in sustainability, motivating employees and collaborators to implement eco-friendly practices in their daily operations.


Our commitment to the social component focuses on the impact our firm and the entrepreneurs participating in DSN have on society. This includes ensuring fair and safe working conditions, promoting diversity and inclusion, maintaining positive community relations, and supporting health and well-being. It also encompasses justice and equity in all business practices, as well as respect for employee rights and their participation in decision-making. These aspects are essential for sustainable development and social well-being, enhancing the reputation and long-term success of the companies that prioritize them.


At DSN, we aim for our members’ structures and practices to develop responsibility, transparency, and effective decision-making within an organization. This includes the composition and functioning of boards of directors, the implementation of compliance and ethics policies, risk management, and the protection of shareholders’ rights. Good governance involves having strong internal controls, regular audits, and clear communication with stakeholders, which strengthens the company’s trust and credibility.

ESG Assessment

At DSC, we are dedicated to supporting our members in implementing sustainable and responsible practices. As part of our initiative to improve the environment, corporate responsibility, governance, and sustainability, we are pleased to offer all DSN members the opportunity to conduct a free ESG assessment.